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Shopping for stainless

Well, we're moving right along. Not as fast as we'd like, but according to every single person we've ever talked to about building a brewery -- that's par for the course. We've signed some important papers which indicate we might actually close on a location by the end of this month. Last week, we (along with our daughter and Kaydee's mom) took off on a road trip to Lincoln, Neb., to go personally inspect the welds on some big ass stainless tanks. We asked a bunch of questions and tried to absorb as much as possible. The next day we drove to Kansas City, where we dropped off two entries to the National Homebrew Competition and then checked into The Great Wolf Lodge (which not surprisingly, sells a lot of beer to tired/trapped parents).

Interestingly, our rep from one of the manufacturers we visited in Lincoln was also at Great Wolf with her family... She actually pointed Kaydee in the direction of the nearest bar at one point... Now that's customer service. Anyway, we now have several quotes for brewhouses and all of the complimentary accouterments to consider -- and we continue to connect with friends at breweries, soliciting their opinions and advice. What brewhouse we end up choosing will greatly inform the build-out of our brewery space and our business model. Truly, it's not just carefully engineered stainless steel we're investing in, it's the heart of our operation. Well, maybe we're the heart of the operation and the equipment is the hands?... Laura is definitely the brains. We digress, like we aim to do in every endeavor, we're taking our time and doing it right.


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