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Open Fridays 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. and
Saturdays 1 p.m. to 10 p.m.

523 Main | Winfield, Kansas (Click for a Google Map)

To inspire connection and empower community through the shared experience of beautifully crafted beer.

Ales and the occasional lager brewed at close range using the best ingredients we can find -- often featuring locally/regionally sourced herbs/hops/fruits/honey/malted and raw grains.  


Kaydee and Laura Riggs-Johnson consolidated their love for drinking beer and making beer into a small (but more than they'd ever brewed before) homebrewing operation in February 2018. The two unpacked a new 10 gallon SS Brewtech system at their home near Winfield, Kansas, they fashioned a kegerator out of an old fridge they saved from the trash at church, and have kept the beer flowing since. Naming their budding business Ladybird Brewing the duo has brewed a variety of styles, often writing recipes that feature Kansas-grown ingredients including herbs, hops, and fruits (mostly from Werner Creek Farm and Kansas Hop Co). 

Ladybird Brewing began pop-up openings in November of 2021. 


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more information than you wanted
and pictures of our dogs

Laura Owner/brewer

Laura was born and raised in Winfield. Her parents encouraged her to explore her interests and to be an interested person. 

When Laura decides she wants to learn to do something, well, she does. Consequently, she is a badass lawyer, mom, wife, brewer, weight lifter, guitar player, cyclist, golfer, and, writer. She's also currently learning to play the banjo (BLUEGRASS!). Additionally, she is mechanically inclined, which is certainly helpful when working on equipment.

Laura is a practicing attorney. She is a member of the team at Herlocker, Roberts and Herlocker in Winfield.
(Anyway, if you need a lawyer just use the contact button)

Formerly the winemaker and a co-owner at a local farm winery, she puts her fascination with fermentation, her knowledge of production processes, and love for all things stainless to good use making beer. Additionally, she's particularly good at completing licensing paperwork. It's long been a dream of hers to start a small brewery in Winfield. She contends that creating and sharing good beer can strengthen a community and build a deeper sense of pride in a place. Which is most definitely true

First craft beer: Boulevard, Unfiltered Wheat
"I think, that was a lot of beers ago." 

Favorite styles: IPAs and Saisons
"It depends on the day"

Kaydee Owner/brewer

Kaydee grew up on a small farm just north of Winfield where she learned to be independent, to explore, and to find creative solutions. She loved being a farm kid, it made her curious and resilient. Her parents taught her the value of hard work and commitment to the community. 

It must have been fate that Kaydee's college roommate and best friend, Sam, came to Kansas from Fort Collins, Colorado. After one trip to FC as an undergrad, Kaydee got the bug for craft beer. More than the beer though, she found the community, the creativity, and deep respect for making beer to be shared and appreciated, fascinating. Touring breweries and hanging out in the taprooms at Equinox, Odell's, New Belgium, and later Funkwerks sparked a dream. She began to imagine opening a brewery in her hometown. 

As a Vice President for Marketing and Communications at her alma mater, Southwestern College, she spends her days sharing the story of a school she loves deeply, attracting prospective students, and strengthening relationships with a community of current students, alumni, and friends of the college. She loves the story of good beer too -- researching recipes, brew days, monitoring fermentation, pulling that tap handle and watching it flow, and building a community around beer. 

First craft beer: Odell's, Easy Street Wheat or Fort Collins Brewery (RIP), Major Tom's Pom. Wheat

Favorite styles: Pilsners, Pale Ales, Dry Stouts, Mild Browns  
...and West Coast IPAs



head zester/tester

Ashlee is our head beertender and sometimes she helps on brewdays. She's particularly well-suited for holding stuff, sampling beer, giving  honest feedback, and zesting fruits while making "that's what she said jokes" that are only kind of funny. She brings all kinds of ideas and good energy to the table, which mostly offset ALL of the bad jokes. 

Ashlee's "real" gig is being a social media guru and assistant designer at Southwestern College, where she works with Kaydee. Additionally, she is a lifestyle photographer and makes cool stuff out of leather to sell to people who like cool leather stuff. She also is a certified yoga instructor. 

First craft beer: High Noon Saloon, Oregon Trail Raspberry Wheat

Favorite styles: Sours and IPAs

Quinn Brew dog

Most impressive trick: Plays dead
(for treats of spent grain)

Brew day responsibility: holding down the floor 


The woofpack

Reverend Brew dog

Most impressive trick: Proficient in Quickbooks. JK.
Will shake hands, BUT truly prefers to be
admired for his beauty.
Brew day responsibility:  Be a model-dog in the background of Instagram stories 


Margo Brew puppy

Most impressive trick: She's a rookie.
Please stay tuned.
Brew day responsibility:  Resist the urge to
chew on hoses