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This is kind of old news, but big news... We purchased a building.

Otis' old tire repair place at 523 Main. Originally built as a filling station in 1953, it's got a whole lot of charm, really good street frontage, a big lot, garage doors and a sprawling awning. It doesn't take much imagination to picture people sitting out front enjoying Ladybird beer.

After closing on our property one of our first steps was to get the building rezoned, which we successfully checked off of the list a few months ago. That process did take a little time, though. We are grateful to the City of Winfield and the Planning and Zoning Commission for being helpful and supportive of our business. Not long after, we started scrubbing nearly 70 years of exhaust and grease off of the walls in the garage bay. We invested in a new power washer and heavier duty rubber gloves, and then even heavier duty rubber gloves. Many scrub brushes later, we're still scrubbing. We've met with the crew at Agora Architecture a few times. Interviewed some construction dudes. Found a good plumber and talked a lot about concrete floors and concrete in general. Not long after we took possession of the building we brewed a bunch of beer and invited our friends over to take before pictures. It was a pretty fun night, it was also pretty clear that we don't have to have a perfect new building to create a space where people can connect over good beer and conversation.

The latest update is that Laura, who just recently passed the bar exam [insert wild applause], completed and submitted our first licensing application. We've selected a pilot brew house to get us going in the existing building, and we're trying to get renovations moving. We're also making plans for future construction -- which is to include brewhouse expansion new better restrooms and event space. Anyway, there are a lot of decisions to be made and work to do. We're on it. Stay thirsty. xoxo,

Your Ladybirds

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