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Updated: Sep 1, 2020

These sure are weird ass times.

We pumped the brewery brakes in late March, because as it turns out, the onset of a global pandemic is not an ideal time to open a brewery. However, we've recently put the Tapwagn back in "D" and are moving this thing forward again. Since our last blog post a lot has happened. We're now officially licensed by the state and we're finishing the revised building plans, trying to pick finishes and furniture, ordering the last pieces of necessary equipment, and scheming on events.

Margo pup smelling hops.

Also, an extremely important update, we got another puppy, so we're up to three brew dogs now. And while everyone else was focused on making sourdough, we learned how to make dog treats out of spent grain. We've got a lot of (dog) mouths to feed.

Perhaps, most importantly, we've been testing recipes. Mmmmm. Also... just this week the City of Winfield just laid a new big fat water line from the main to our new meter. As you likely know, water is pretty critical for brewing beer, so we are very excited about this development. AND a big hole in the ground is also an indication that something is really happening, after feeling stymied for a few months, it was a sight for sore eyes to see that orange construction fencing.

Every time we go to the grocery store or we're pumping gas or check our DMs we've got folks asking us when we're going to be open -- asking us how to get Ladybird beer. The truth is, we aren't sure how much longer it's going to take to get this off the ground, but we are confident that when we do open our doors, it will be right on time. Everything good is worth the work and worth the wait... We hope that you are safe and well -- and that your beer fridge remains well-stocked. XOXO Your Ladybirds P.S. We will be restocking t-shirts and getting an order of sweatshirts. So keep you peepers peeled for when those drop, they'll undoubtedly go fast.

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