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Making Beer/Magic

Alright, alright... We know brewing isn't really magic so much as science, but when we start dropping hops in the boil kettle there's always a moment where we're like... "Wait, is this witchcraft? Because It feels a little like witchcraft, right?" Then we cackle for five minutes, at minimum, before repeating over and over to each other "Damn, it just smells so good." So really, who is to say? Of course while brewing, careful attention is paid to process, temperatures, timing, efficiency, volumes, displacement, and sanitation -- but we're also at the mercy of the grain and hop gods -- may the sugar composition be right and the lupulin glands full. We're also a little stitious, so we uphold traditions like downing a brewhouse hot scotchy (wort + scotch + Cheers!) and singing inspirational songs (e.g. "Will you be there" by Michael Jackson) to the yeast when it's time to pitch. We've got goosebumps just thinking about it. Also, fermentation may be a metabolic process, but we'll be damned if you're going to sit there and tell us there is no magic involved. Yes, great beer is a duality, mind and heart -- planning and spontaneity -- science and magic. Anyway, let us know if you want to come to our next #covenmeeting. xoxo-- K & L


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